Health status: Burned around both arms and a leg, bruised on the face and back, bitten about the lips, and clawed at the leg... Minor concussion, but otherwise fine.

Stripe color: White

Blood color: Red.

Lusus: Formerly Cholerbear. Presently the ship.

Quarters: In the organic part of the ship, full of light giving eyes, pulsing muscle, a hammock and a computer. Lots of electronics and clothes strewn about.

Locker Contents: Red Scouter, Uniform, White passcard.

Relationships: Potential matespritship with Four... materailkimesisitude with Eight.

Groups part of: Dreadrail Drones

Psionics: Telekinetic

Displayed armaments / inventory : Cyberware power cores, light pistol, light armor, Red Scouter... occasionally Four's jacket. And One's hand.


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