Health status: Quite fine, thank you!

Stripe color: A rather nice shade of blue...

Blood color: I am sorry, but I really have no comment on that.

Lusus: I do not know yet...

Quarters: I have not found mine yet.

Locker Contents: Well, I had a nice hand scythe and an ID card? I think?

Relationships: I am trying to be nice to everyone, at least as much as I can!

Groups part of: I have not noticed any groups I am a member of. Besides the survivors of course!

Psionics: Well, probably not.

Displayed armaments / inventory : I am rather more well equipped than I was previously.

2 handscythes

3 Light Pistols

Custom armored uniform (moves like light, protects almost like medium!)

ID cards in red, blue, green, and pink

A little food and water just in case...

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