Welcome to the high score chart for Trollship, which is silly. NPC's don't get scores, because they are part of the game and it would be even more silly.

The current score formula for trollship is as follows:

  • Number of Beings Killed plus'
  • Number of Beings Saved plus'
  • Number of Explosions Survived or Died In plus'
  • Number of Active, IC-Acknowledged Relationships plus'
  • Number of Extra Credit Questions Correctly Answered,
  • Minus Number of Incidents In Which You Were Wounded.

Score Table

Category Three Five Nine Ten
Beings Killed 3, All the undead (-2,+1,+7) None offhand, Two may argue this His lusus doesn't count None
Beings Saved 3 (Four, Five, Ship) 1 (Ship) 1, Two from Bomber None yet! Consistently auspiceticizing 2 and 5 almost counts.
Explosions 2, Both in Medbay 1, Medbay explosion #2 1, Friggin Bomber None yet!
Romance 1-4, <3 Four, and Ten and Five c3- Three?Eight 1-2, <3- Two, c3- Three?Eight 1, <> Two 1, Ten c3- Two+Five
Bonus 0 0 0 0, possibly 1 soon
Wounded 4-5ish 2ish, very badly Only his feelings Not yet!
TOTALS: Three: 4-8 points Five: 1-2 points Nine: 3 points Ten: 1 point

Extra Credit Section

Here, have a logic puzzle! This is a problem Ten has to solve.

If you can OOCly or ICly come up with a solution to this logic puzzle that all the players and the GM agree is the best (or ties with the current best solution), you get 1 point.


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