Here are lists of entertaining things we've come up with, that people are free to refer to or use if they so desire. This is also a general repository of troll terms, that is easily searchable by the search function of your browser.

Everyday Terms

  • Ablution : Bathing
  • Think Pan : Brain
  • Bucket : This is used for reproductive purposes
  • Recuprecoon: sleep pod
  • Bone bulge/nook: anatomical references
  • Kismeses: hate of your life
  • Matesprit: love of your life
  • Shame (globe, stick..anything): this always refers to sex
  • Pity: love
  • Flush: strong non platonic feelings, black or red
  • Pale: platonic feelings black or red
  • Black: hate based emotions
  • Red: 'pity' based emotions

Anatomical References

  • Protein Chute


  • Rancid Shame Witch



  • That One Song About Having to Walk a Fucking Long Time For No Good Reason Because We Have Perfectly Good Fucking Airplanes
  • That Song With Mystical Overtones and Stuff that Everyone Who Owns A Guitar Tries To Play At Least Once, But Is Still Pretty Cool Anyway
  • That One Song About Some Dude Who Meets This Other Dude and They Have A Conversation And At The End It Turns Out That It's The Troll Devil


  • Everyone's Being A Noisy Fuck Eve
  • Here Are Some Presents To Shut You The Fuck Up Day
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