The dead don't get theory pages, unless their (former?) opinions on things are known.

Two[edit | edit source]

Doesn't talk much -now-, but thinks Five will get them all killed.

Three[edit | edit source]

Remembers Seven as Eight's moirail.

Four[edit | edit source]

Very suspicious of One and Two.

Five[edit | edit source]

Is starting to suspect she was part of a rebellion.

Suspects Two wrote all the nasty pop ups shes getting trying to boss her around. (she suspects Two of anything that is agrivating to her)

Remembers One, worries that shes dead.

Remembers Seven, is sad of this too.

Somewhat freaked out realizing that of the three dead two of them were very definately associated with her group.

Six[edit | edit source]


Eight[edit | edit source]

Called Seven his and Three's auspicetice

Nine[edit | edit source]

Could possibly be an actual Subjugglator

Ten[edit | edit source]

Concerned that high bloods seem to be well represented among the dead.

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